Manerba del Garda and 'Lido', Lake Garda


Manerba del Garda is on a spur in the lake with a panoramic view point that leads right out to the water.

 It is a collection of villages  along the western shore of Lake Garda, that offers some of the most stunning views. 

The name of the town derives from Minerva, to whom a temple was built in the Roman period. There was a Roman fortress, then a medieval castle with a tower that was part of a waterfront defense system, and a town developed around it. Today, Manerba del Garda is a relaxing and laid-back destination for visitors who want to explore the area, enjoy the fresh water beaches, water sports, and inland activities. You can hike in the hills, go horseback riding, or boating. There is a marina located here for boat rides. A neat outing is the Isola di San Biagio, a tiny island that lies just a few meters off the point called Punta Belvedere. You can also reach the island by foot walking into the lake (seriously!!). The location is great for seeing the sights. 

The beautiful town of Sirmione and Salo' are also nearby. There are nearly a dozen theme parks along the eastern side of Lake Garda to visit, as well as botanical gardens in the area. You can visit art-filled cities like Brescia and Verona very easily.